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Solo Exhibitions

2015 FOOD dal cucchiaio al mondo. MAXXI, the National Museum of XXI Century Arts. Rome, Italy.

2015 Wanaka Festival of Color. 4 solo shows, Wanaka, NZ.

2014 Gingerbread Galleries. Dylan's Candy. New York, USA

2014 No Seconds, Comfort Food and Photography. Galerie Rosemarie Bassi. Remagen, Germany

2013 Wu Tang Cakes. Wallspace Gallery. New York, USA

2013 Gingerbread Galleries, Art Basel. Dylan's Candy. Miami, USA

2013 No Seconds, Comfort Food and Photography. Island of San Servolo. Venice, Italy

2013 Various Series. Bushwick Open Studios. Brooklyn, USA

2012 3DD. Splashlight. New York, USA

2012 No Seconds. Herter Art Gallery, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA

Group Shows

2013 Dic Cakes. Vice 2013 Photography show: Collaborations. Superchief Gallery. New York, USA

2013 Unicef show. Milk studios. New York, USA

2012 Damien's Dots. Objectified, Lunch Box Gallery, Art Basel. Miami, USA